About Yankon

Don’t like being kept in the dark? Join us, and we’ll show you the light of day! Yankon has been deeply focused upon energy efficient lighting solutions for the past 40 years. Let our experience shine a bright light on your project’s lighting needs. We are a market leader in the areas of technology, quality, reliability and price and our selection of products is second to none. We produce optimal LED lighting solutions for the following industries: commercial lighting, home lighting, office lighting and outdoor lighting.

Yankon has continually reinvested profits back into our company in the form of manufacturing facilities, research and development initiatives as well as quality control centers. Our expansion at home and abroad has allowed us to take advantage of the best aspects from the following locations: Zhejiang Province, Jiangxi Province, Fujian Province and Anhui Province, and foreign subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, Australia, Vietnam, and other countries and regions, to produce the finest products. Our tireless dedication to improving technology and quality has earned us numerous international certificates, including: UL, FCC, ENERGY STAR, EMC, CE, GS, TUV, VDE, CSA, ENCE and PROCEL and others. We have also been honored with the following accolades: "Famous Trademark of China", "National Inspection-Free Product", "Chinese Famous Brand", "Famous Export Brand of China" and "Exemption from Export Inspection". In 2002 we became the first lighting company that established "Postdoctoral Workstation" and independently developed advanced light source technology. Yankon’s company mission is to provide the most energy-efficient, technologically-advanced and highest quality lighting solutions available!

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